Personal Injury 2023 On-Demand Bundle

$99 until Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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5 general and 1 ethics CLE hour

Courses must be completed by February 29, 2024

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-Introduction to Personal Injury: Attorney Chimeaka White will provide an introduction on personal injury. She will discuss the intake process and sending letters of representation to the insurance companies. She will review requesting and reviewing medical bills and records. She will reflect on client communications and preparing a demand letter. (1 general CLE hour)

-Personal Injury Settlements: Attorney Desmon Andrade will provide an overview of strategies for negotiating personal injury settlements. He will elaborate on guidelines, techniques, checklists, and forms to help you negotiate the settlement. He will explore different approaches for getting the best result for your client. (1 general CLE hour)

-Personal Injury Pre-Litigation Blue Print: Attorney Desmon Andrade will elaborate on personal injury pre-litigation. He will discuss what is needed to move forward with your personal injury cases. He will provide tips on how to analyze damage to your client how to start the personal injury claim. (1 general CLE hour)

-Liens, Liens, And More Liens: Attorney Dominique Williams will discuss the complicated universe of liens that attach to personal injury settlement funds. In most personal injury cases, the settlement is only as good as the amount of liens that are attached to the proceeds. Often, negotiating with the at-fault insurance company is much easier than dealing with the lien holders, as they all want to get paid today and not tomorrow. This CLE will provide practical tips on how to navigate the most common personal injury liens, such as Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA, medical provider, etc., to ensure that you are not stuck having to pay liens that were incorrectly handled from your own pockets. (1 general CLE hour)

-Municipal Liability / Government Immunity: Led by Attorney Antoine Marshall. this specialized CLE seminar is tailored to legal practitioners in North Carolina who want to master the intricate landscape of municipal liability and government immunity within the state. Delving into the nuances of North Carolina law, this seminar equips attendees with in-depth knowledge about municipal liability, examining the circumstances under which local governments in the state can be held legally responsible for various issues, such as civil rights violations, negligence claims, and other legal disputes. (1 general CLE hour)

-Third Party Risk In Technology: Attorney Joshua Rowland will elaborate oh how attorney’s rely more and more on assistance from third parties to help them represent clients. Whether it’s a technology vendor that’s used to store important client documents, or an expert witness who will testify on your behalf, sharing client data is essential. But with that sharing comes risk. In this course we’ll discuss our ethical duties to protect our clients data, and how to manage Third Party risk. (1 ethics/technology CLE hour)

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