Q: What is a live webinar?

A: Our live courses can be viewed virtually anywhere using this feature. Live webinars are equivalent to in-person courses because they are viewed streaming live and in real-time. There is no cap on how many live webinars you can take. You receive live credits for participating.

Q: What is online learning?

A: Online learning applies to our video replays. You can watch any previously recorded course at your leisure. You only receive credit for 6 hours of videos per years.

Q: Does a live webinar go towards my 6-hour online learning limit?

A: No. Since live webinars are done in real-time and are streaming live, they are equivalent to in-person live courses. The online learning limit only applies to video replays.

Q: Will my video replay hours roll over?

A: Yes. For example, you take 10 hours of live courses and 6 video hours in one year. You will have an extra 4 hours that will apply to the next year’s CLE requirement.

Q: How many hours roll over to the next year?

A: 12 hours can roll over for the next year. (Ex. If you take 20 hours in a year, 8 of those will roll over until the next year.) This does not apply to the substance abuse/mental health awareness hour.

Q: How will my hours be reported to the NC State Bar?

A: Law People USA will report all hours (in-person, live webinars, and video replays) to the NC State Bar.

Q: How will my hours be reported if I’m licensed in another state or if I’m a certified paralegal?

A: We will provide you with a certificate of attendance per your request.

Q: When are my hours due?

A: The deadline for hours to be reported is December 31. However, there is a grace period that ends on February 28 of the following year. There is no penalty f you take your required courses on or before the grace period.

Q; How long will it take my hours to show up of my CLE report?

A: We have 30 days to report your hours to the NC State Bar. The bar staff will then update your records. This typically takes a few weeks, but it will vary around peak CLE reporting times.

Q: How exactly does a live webinar work? Can I interact with the presenter?

A: We will send you a link, in the confirmation email and the same link again 24 hours before the program, that will launch GoToWebinar. Using GoToWebinar allows us to confirm that you are logged in. Yes, you will be able to interact with the presenter. You can choose to chat with the presenters/organizers, ask various questions that will be repeated and answered to the audience, participate in poll questions, or even raise your hand to be heard through the webinar.

Q: If there are course materials, how do I get them?

A: Each presenter prepares course materials. We will send the course materials upon receipt from the presenter. You will be able to download them during the presentation.